The Memorial Scrolls Trust

The Memorial Scrolls Trust is found in Kent House in Knightsbridge

In 1982, three years after their formation, the Memorial Scrolls Trust moved into the new vacancy on the third floor of Kent House. Seeing the number of scrolls at Kent House diminishing and the number of visitors increasing, the Trust decided to use the space to create an exhibition, which would tell the story of the scrolls.[1]


In 1985, the Trust secured, on recommendation, a lease on the top floor for 15 years.[2] With help from a team from the United States of America, the Trust drew up plans and budgets for an exhibition of some form. Initial ideas proposed an elaborate full-scale, professional exhibition. However, the Trust soon realised the more complex suggestion was beyond their capabilities.[3] They agreed instead with a more modest, self-created exhibit, which simply showed the scrolls and the scribe’s workshop, as well as the journey of the scrolls from Czechoslovakia.[4] Additionally, this proposal included the beautiful display of binders, which would make them easily accessible. Thus, the museum was created within six months and formally opened on 3rd July 1988.[5]

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